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Walton Goggins Was Physically Intimidated By Alicia Vikander - CONAN on TBS

What people say about this video:

Mark Acevedo: So glad they used 45 jump cuts in a 5 second fight scene, really immerses me in whats going on?

Alif Kabir: Anyone complaining about her breast size, that doesn't really fit the character if you think about it, a busty supermodel doing actual athlete level stunts.?

Yunchin Kim: So is this Magnus dude super famous in Sweden? He trains Alicia for Tomb Raider, and I remember Alexander Skarsgard mentioned getting trained by him for Tarzan

John Lee: A pirouette kick on a horizontal ladder?
Guess they just wanted the audience to temporarily forget where their feet were

hipnhappenin: Why didnt she just run up behind him and push him off the ladder? Seemed unnecessary and risky to jump in front of him with only the hope that a) you actually can grab the ladder and b) he doesnt stomp on your hands before you have time to pull yourself up.

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