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Walton Goggins about The three Christs and some private secrets!

Walton Goggins about 'The three Christs' and some private secrets!

What is the most incriminating or actionable secret do you have?
Walton Goggins: Oh, god. Well, I spent 12 hours in jail for drinking underage!

Did you remember what were you drinking?
Walton Goggins: I think it must have been Two Fingers Tequila. And that's about as horrible and bad as you can get. I don't know if it was specifically a southern thing, but if you sniffed it you got alcohol poisoning.

A new film that has come out called Three Christs. The synopsis on Wikipedia is telling that it is not about a buddy comedy about three cloned Jesuses. What is a movie about?
Walton Goggins: That was a joke that Peter (Dinklage), Bradley (Whitford) and I had, about the Three Christs Detective Agency. We definitely pitched that to each other and we agreed it'd make for a great ongoing series.

Would the Jesuses be investigating crimes in modern times, or like during Biblical times?
Walton Goggins: Well, I think you could do it at any time! But our take on it was, it would be taking place in the modern-day. It started with a fish tank and communicating with fish.

Your filmography contains very few straight-up horror movies, are you interested in such projects?
Walton Goggins: Right now that is something I'm actively looking to do. I have not done many horror movies, and House of 1000 Corpses was twenty years ago. I'm looking for a very smart project within that genre, maybe even something bordering on the avant-garde. I really do want to do that!

You've played some of the most iconic TV characters of all time, some of them for years at a time! Which one of them do you find yourself thinking about the most?
Walton Goggins: Well, they all come back and forth, but I do talk like them months before I start playing them - and I drive my family fuckin' bananas with that - and I'll talk like them for a long stretch afterward. And then I'll go into any one of them on any given day, depending on the scenario, but the two that still bring a smile to my face are [Vice Principals'] Lee Russell and [Justified's] Boyd Crowder. I like to play Lee Russell and Boyd Crowder having an argument. It's pretty funny. I can't do it for you right now, but when I do it, that's a good day.