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The habit of being the best!

The habit of being the best!

In 2001, Walton Goggins founded the production company "Ginny Mule Pictures" with actor Ray McKinnon (they met on the set of "The Mississippi Murder") and his wife Lisa Blount. A year later, their short film "The Accountant", in which Goggins played one of the main roles, received the Oscar.

Before the release of the first season of the black comedy "Vice Principals" in 2016, The New York Times critic Mike Hale wrote that Walton Goggins has a habit of being the best on the show. By that time, he was known primarily as a television actor with several iconic roles in the FX series. At the beginning of the 2000s, Goggins completely moved to cable TV for the sake of Shield, which was released simultaneously with The Wire, and for many, it became its budget version.

The series really has a lot in common: both projects tried to move away from the romanticization of police everyday life, destroy the image of a righteous guardian of the law, and finally do something more than a regular police procedure. HBO bet on hyperrealism, FX on the blurred line between justice and crime. This gray area is home to the Los Angeles Police Department's experimental squad, whose members don 't hesitate to cover up for drug dealers, fabricate evidence, and beat testimonies while investigating larger cases.

Walton Goggins played one of the main roles, Shane Shane Vendrell, an impulsive policeman whose moral compass crashes all the time (especially when it comes to personal gain). Vendrell became one of the fans' favorite characters, and his colleagues on the film gave him nicknamed "Method Man" (yes, like the rapper from Wu-Tang Clan) for trying to be a methodical actor.

The actor's next TV win is the neo-western  'Justified'

The actor's next TV win is the neo-western "Justified" about an old -fashioned Kentucky Marshal (Timothy Oliphant) who does not lose his conscience in a corrupt work. Goggins played a nominal antagonist, Boyd Crowder, who either leads a neo-Nazi group or heads a religious community. The actor has repeatedly admitted that for him, as a person who grew up in the southern state, it was a matter of honor to depict on the screen of Crowder, not as a dumb redneck, but the most intelligent person in the room and a worthy opponent to the protagonist. These efforts were noticed by TV critics, who annually praised Goggins' acting talent. In 2011, the Emmy Committee awarded the actor a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

At the same time, Walton Goggins appeared as a guest star in another FX series, Sons of Anarchy. He played Venus Van Dam, a trans woman who collaborated with SAMCRO, a group of main characters.