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So Who is this Walton Guy?

So Who is this Walton Guy?

You are fond of Walton Goggings talant? Or you simpy enjoy watching movies with his participation? More interesting facts about a Method Man in the article. You have never heard about a Method Man? So you should read it right now!

Well, actually he's Walton Sanders Goggins, Jr. Now that's a pretty long and unique name -- but Walt is always billed by "Walt" or "Walton" (he prefers the latter), neither of which is that hard to remember. Nevertheless, I have seen countless reviews refer to him as "Walter", and I swear if you look up 'Walter Goggins' in google, you'll get at least a hundred documents.

If you'd like, you could probably call Walton "Method Man" instead of his name. I hear he's a pretty established method actor, and his castmates on "The Shield" like to refer to him as such!

Walton "Method Man" Goggins was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in a renovated 1880s farmhouse in Lithia Springs, Georgia...a houseful of women, to hear Walt tell it. His interest in performing seems to have come at a young age; not only did Walton and his mother used to be cloggers (they once opened for BB King!) ... but Walt also won a hog-calling contest in 1980! Then, when he was 12, I guess he casually walked into the office of an Atlanta casting agent named Shay Griffin and said that he wanted to be an actor. Sure enough, not too many years later Walt was in Hollywood -- an appropriate place to go about such a goal.

How old is Walt now? Well, he was born on 11/10/71, so at the time of this writing that would make him approximately 35. Walt graduated from Lithia Springs High School in 1989. (Incidentally, during his freshman year he attended Campbell High School in Smyrna, GA ; the same school that some actress named Julia Roberts went to. Later they traded stories at the Oscars.)

According to the Ginny Mule website, Walt managed his own valet parking service in his early Hollywood life. These days, he's also multitasking -- as actor and producer Walton Goggins. His production company, Ginny Mule Pictures (named by Walt himself after a Gillian Welch song, founded by friends Ray McKinnon and Lisa Blount), released an acclaimed short film called The Accountant in 2001. And guess what ... they even won an Oscar. See?:

I bet that was a blast for all three deserving winners (even though Naomi Watts called Ray McKinnon "Ray McNinnon" when she presented). They've since released their first full-length film, Chrystal, and are working on their second film, Randy and the Mob, which was completed in 2006, and should hit theaters ... soon?

More interesting information about Walt:

Family - His father, Sandy Goggins, and his mother, Janet Long, both still live in the Atlanta area. He also has a brother, who's approximately 15 years younger than Walt.

Hobbies and Interests - Rumor has it Walt's got a penchant for interior design. Particularly the way homes are lit, and how that affects one's moods. He's also a sports fan... a big-time baseball fan. Speaking of sports, it's been said that he goes to the gym and works out a lot (which is pretty obvious!) and 'Shield' writer Adam Fierro has more than once made reference to Walt's "27 inch waist." (According to Cathy Ryan, she and Walton can even wear the same jeans! Ha!)And I know Walt has owned dogs in the past, so I think we can safely call him a "dog person."

Entertainment - Entertainment-wise, Walt has great taste in music. He likes listening to Joe Henry (yeah!), the Drive By Truckers (wooo!), Michael Hurley (yep) and his Daddy and Them co-star John Prine (can't go wrong with Prine). He enjoys films by Jim Jarmusch and the Coen Brothers. Oh, and he likes watching "Sanford and Son."

Finally, I can personally attest that Walton is a kind and friendly person. I know because I met him! In December 2002, I attended a seminar about "The Shield" in Beverly Hills and got to meet several of the cast members afterward. Naturally, Walt was the first one I approached. He politely shook my hand and asked me my name; and once I told him that I was the one who made this very page, Walt knew exactly who I was -- he even remembered my last name! He gave me a hug (he seems to hug a lot) and chatted some about his work and about the Drive By Truckers. Then he signed an autograph, gave me another hug, and said goodbye. It was a brief encounter, but I walked away pleased and impressed...

But that's not all! In 2006, I was diagosed with breast cancer. Somehow (through my sister, who contacted The Shield Rap Board, who contacted one of the crew members of the show?) ... SOMEHOW, Walt found out -- and he went out of his way to reach out to me and wish me well!! He called me several times (unfortunately, I had my phone off most of those times, but he left messages; and once, we were actually able to chat). He sent me a couple of email messages, AND he sent me a HUGE, beautiful bouqet of flowers!! To say I was impressed is an understatement. It seems that Walt's heart matches his talent! You can read a more detailed description on Walt's IMDB page (you've gotta register for IMDB to use their boards ... it's free ... find "The Kindness of Walton" thread).

Walton was married to Leanne Goggins from 2001 until her tragic death in November of 2004. More information about Leanne can be found on the links page.

That's about the gist of what I know. I think Walt has appeared on quite a few radio shows, so make sure to listen in case he turns up on your local morning show! (I secretly want him to appear on my radio show, but it's one of those little noncommercial stations so I ... have my doubts. But you never know. We've had our share of celebs. Andy Dick even called one of my shows once! Walt? Walt's agent? Get in touch if you think an interview is possible! I'll pay the phone bill!) If YOU encounter any interviews with Walton, radio or print, please feel free to share them!