Hateful Eight
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Good stuff, mister - that's the way to do it

I made a break for it... came out to the Desert... two days. One with my partner Matt @mulhollanddistilling and one on my own. Drinking whiskey, taking pictures of the night sky and being grateful for this moment. My buddy took this photo last night...waiting on that long exposure...it�s my happy place.

Rest In Peace Larry

I still can�t believe I had the good fortune to spend an hour with the man....what a life...so many Redwoods have fallen this year.

He will always remain in our hearts!

Another Redwood has fallen. The Great Hal Holbrook. One of the Wisest in the forest. I had the honor of spending a couple of years with the man. He did a movie my partners and I produced called �That Evening Sun� directed by Scott Teems. We all became close. It was a story of an aging parent who, unwilling to be put in a retirement home by his son, decides to go back home, only to find that it has been rented to another family. It is unrelenting in its complexity. And it�s all because of this Man. We told this story 15 years ago... at 80 his roar was one of the loudest in the jungle. Thank you for the conversations Hal. God speed My friend.