Hateful Eight
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Who is Sonny Burch? Main episodes with him

Who is Sonny Burch? Main episodes with him

Sonny Burch is a noble but menacing gangster who deals in black market techniques. He has his own views on managing Hank Pym's latest technology and the billions of dollars they will bring him.

Battle at Sonny Burch restaurant

Hope van Dyne came to Sunny Burch's restaurant to buy the missing parts for the quantum tunnel, but Sonny found out that Susan was actually a Hope. He told her about his plan to buy the Hank Pym laboratory for $ 1 billion. He also said that Hank Pym was a great catch since S. H. I. E. L. D. and HYDRA had broken up a long time ago.

But Hope rejects this offer, saying that they have a different goal. Sonny took the money, saying that it would be his moral compensation, and Hope leaves the restaurant. Wearing a Wasp costume, Hope returns to the restaurant to pick up the details. Hope defeats all the people of Sonny Burch, and Burch himself says that they will meet again. But after Hope defeated all Burch people, the Ghost appeared, and Sonny was scared and ran away from the restaurant.

The X-Con security advisor interrogation

Sonny Burch and his assistants come to the X-Con security consultants, where he threatens them with the truth serum created by Uzman, although he believes that this is not the truth serum. After Uzman injected his serum with Louis, Dave, and Kurt, Sonny asked Louis where Scott Lang was to find Hank Pym.

Louis, in order not to blurt out, began to tell the story of their meeting in the San Quentin prison. Sonny said that he liked to listen to the story, but he needed to find out where Scott Lang was. Louis again began to tell his story about the meeting of Scott with Hope van Dyne, about how Hope and Scott had a falling out after the clash of the Avengers, and about what happened yesterday. Sonny got tired of it and the last time he asked Louis, where is Scott Lang. Louis said he was in the forest. After the Ghost appeared and asked in which forest. Louis said that in the forest where her refuge was located. Sonny ran to the car, but the Ghost ruined the tires. After Sonny decided to call his friend the FBI agent Stoltz, he told him the coordinates of Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym and agreed to bring Burch's laboratory.

San Francisco Chase

But Agent Stoltz was killed by the Ghost, and she stole the laboratory. Sonny decided to act on his own. His henchman Usman saw a van with Scott Lang, Hope van Dyne, and Hank Pym. Sonny and his men drove after them. Afterward, he began to chase the van with Hope van Dyne and Louis, telling Hope that they would meet again, but after that, he lost track. After Sonny stumbled upon the Giant, who defeated the people of Burch, and Sonny had to run from the Giant.

After that, Sonny ran to the ship and got there to escape from the Giant. But then the Giant swam across the water and caught up with the ship. The giant scared all the people, but he only came to Sunny to take the laboratory. The Giant takes the lab and hits him with his finger. After that, Sonny with his people runs into Louis. Burch tells him to give the remote control, but Louisa didn't have it. Sonny decided to kill Louis, but his men were stunned by a stun gun of Dave and Kurt, and Louis hit Burch hard in the face.

Louis, Dave, and Kurt tied up Sonny Burch, Usman, another henchman, and injected them with truth serum. Louis ran to warn Scott that the FBI was coming to his house, and Kurta and Dave stayed behind to guard them. Then the police came, and Dave and Kurt said it was all Sonny Burch and his people's fault. Sonny, Usman, and the henchman admitted to the police that they had committed their crime because of the truth serum they had been injected with, even Usman confirmed.