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Walton Goggins got a Role in L.A. Confidential

Walton Goggins got a Role in 'L.A. Confidential'

In early 2018, the casting for the pilot of L.A. Confidential held. It was a potential CBS series based on the novel of the same name by James Ellroy and its full-length adaptation of 1997. The first recruit of the TV version was Walton Goggins. The actor got one of the three main roles in the show.

Goggins played a Los Angeles police detective Jack Vincennes - a charming guy with a Hollywood smile who can extract not only professional but also personal benefit from almost any situation. Vincennes perfectly knows how the system works, and he is not an incorruptible, crystal honest COP, but in serious troubles, Jack still remains on the side of the law. In the full version of L.A. Confidential, this role was played by Kevin Spacey.

"L.A. Confidential" is going to describe the paths of three homicide detectives, a female reporter, and an up-and-coming actress intersect while the detectives pursue a sadistic serial killer among the secrets and lies of glamorous and gritty 1950s Los Angeles.