Hateful Eight
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Thank God for photo shop. Thank you @vulture and @latimesphotos for making me look better in 1s and Os than the real thing and @hollywoodreporter for seeing fit to put this middle aged man with all these hip youngsters. #themthatfollow #sundance

The joy of reading this. What this means for these talented young filmmakers...For so many people who worked so hard in an effort to get at the truth of this subject matter. There are no words to convey how proud, how grateful I am to be a part of this film. We cant wait to share it with you. #themthatfollow

Hot ticket... Sundance. Our film, THEM THAT FOLLOW premiered yesterday. What an honor to be standing with these people on this stage with this story. #themthatfollow

Mentors. We all have them. This is mine. My acting teacher Harry Mastrogeorge... 22 years. whatever insight I have is because of this man. Here in Sundance. Thank you to The Creative Coalition For giving me the opportunity to publicly acknowledge what this man has meant to me and so many others. Where would we be without the people who believed in us. And now its our turn to do the same for someone else

You know what thats a picture of? A Happy Man! A man with a load off his fucking back!!! Thats a wrap DEEP STATE season 2. What a ride yall. Gatdamn what a ride. I hope you can take it with us when it comes out this year. Now I just have to get back to LA from Cape Town!

I told ya... two H8TERS in a row! My man Major Marquis in town for the premiere of GLASS. To know this man... is one of the great joys in my life. @samuelljackson

Yeahhhh.... look at the H8TER I found roaming the mean streets of London. Theres another one in town too. Im going to see him tomorrow. Ill let you guess who that is. This fella in the middle... thats a H8TER offspring, Hunter Roth. One of the coolest not so little dudes I know....

A snap from our last day in Puglia earlier this year... ups and downs and downs and ups... taking the lessons from both in stride. As we leap into 2019... from our little family to yours... Happy Happy New Year! @nadiasomerset

Whatever you want to say... however long you want to say it... Ill listen. Gatdamn its good to be home. First time off the lead line! Merry Merry Christmas yall.

The power of an idea... this is Matthew Parkhill the creator of Deep State. Ive always wanted to play a character in a world like this. Little did I know when he invited me to come on this journey (this is their second season) just how important this experience would be for me. 3 countries, 6 languages, some of the best British actors working today... a crew from all over the world that rivals any Ive worked with, from the southern tip of Africa to the strait of Gibraltar, the western cape to the streets of London...These countless images, all came from his imagination. An idea made this journey possible for all involved. Thank you @matthewparkhill9008 for inviting this American along on this international ride. Deep State will be out later next year. Its on Epix in America and pretty much every fox affiliate in the rest of the world. I hope you get a chance to see all of this hard work.... Its fucking good yall!!! #deepstate