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The first marriage of Walton Goggings: story without a Hollywood happy end

The first marriage of Walton Goggings: story without a 'Hollywood happy end'

Leanne Goggins was the first wife of famous now Hollywood actor Walton Goggins. She was died due to suicide in 2004. But if anyone wants to find some information about Waltons first marriage or at least one photo of his first wife Leanne, will find almost nothing! All her photos were removed from the internet and other web information sources convey minimum facts about the marital life of the couple.

We have tried to submit you all information which could be found in the Web about the married life of future Hollywood actor with the successful and attractive businesswoman. Read other unique information about the famous actor and his personal life on our website!

Diseased wife of "Justified" star Walton Goggins, Leanne Goggins was an owner of a successful dog walking business and first adviser of Canyon News. To run a successful dog walking business, one must be an avid dog lover and should also possesses abilities such as attention to detail, due-diligence, experience, and a pure heart. We think Leanne possessed all of the above mentioned qualities.

Reading the letter "In Loving Memory of Leanne Goggins" by one of Leanne's dog walking client, we came to the conclusion that Leanne's was one of the best in the business. Leanne not only walked dogs but also involved them in lots of activities such as hiking, swimming, running, and what not.

In the article, the client states that Leanne loved dogs and dogs loved Leanne. The client also mentions that only a sound of Leanne's jeep (red and black jeep with no doors) up the street her house would make her often-silent dog to whine, yelp, drool, shake, jump and scratch. Leanne would provide summary of each day to the client often consisting of photographs of parties, hikes, stories and special moments. The client also happily writes in the letter that her dog was more attached to Leanne than her.

From our research, we found that Walton and Leanne married in 2001 in Canada after dating for one year. Leanne died in 2004 from a high jump (17th storey of a high rise office block). From many sources we have found out that she jumped from a Los Angeles tower. However, she didn't die right away after the incident. But, the treatment by a nearby health clinic couldn't save her. It is suggested that she died of injury.

Prior to some days of her suicide, Leanne had handed Walton with divorce papers to end their marriage. Reports suggest that she was suffering from chronic depression.

According to an article published on contactmusic.com about the whole saga, Leanne was not happy with her life in Los Angeles and Walton's busy professional life.

Leanne was born in 1967 in Canada. She had moved to US after marrying Walton. Unfortunately, we have no more information regarding Leanne on the web.

Leanne and Walton attended various events together when they were a couple. However, all of the previously published pictures on the web have been removed.

Since August 2011, the Emmy nominated actor is married to filmmaker Nadia Conners. The happily married couple has a 2011 born son named Augustus. Now moving on to Leanne's physical configuration, her height is not available. From her pictures, we know that she was a beautiful woman and had high physical sex appeal. Nevertheless, she possessed medium-length brown hair and blue eyes.

Since we have no more wiki on Leanne, we would like to post a paragraph from the client letter here:

"I like to think that the gentle tone, the steadiness, and the warmth of Leannes communications reflected an inner peace she found with our Frida and with all of her dogs. Dogs live in the present. Perhaps when were with them they enable us to step out of time, as well, to stop ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Perhaps this enabled Leanne to find a harmony she couldnt find in the rest of her life. The truth is, though, I dont claim to know why Leanne was at peace with her dogs nor why she couldnt find that harmony in the rest of her life. I dont know why Leanne loved dogs. I dont know why dogs loved Leanne. I dont know what will happen to Frida. I dontknow where these things we meet and know briefly, as well as we can or they will let us,go. I only know that I didnt want Leanne to die."