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Walton Goggins Struck By Further Tragedy As Recently Separated Wife Commits Suicide

Walton Goggins Struck By Further Tragedy As Recently Separated Wife Commits Suicide

How The Shield''s Walton Goggins goes from soon-to-be divorcee to widower in a matter of days? There are different facts and details about Waltons first wife and the marital life of the couple. Read interesting particulars of a complicated relationship between Walton and Leanne while his star career starting to go ahead.

Walton Goggins has now been struck with a double tragedy after his wife of three years, Leanne Goggins, leapt to her death from a Los Angeles tower block in November (2004) in what appears to be a planned suicide.

'The Shield' star was recently forced to come to terms with the end of their relationship after businesswoman Leanne handed him divorce papers only several days previous, but before he could get through one disaster, her depression reached a head and now he faces Christmas in mourning.

Walton, who plays Detective Shane Vendrell in FX Networks' cop series 'The Shield', married Leanne, the owner of a dog-walking business, back in 2001 while in Canada following the filming of comedy western 'Shanghai Noon' alongside Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, having only dated for a year. However, it is alleged by their mutual friends that life in LA was not the dream for Leanne, and when Walton's work took him away for months on end, everyday life became a struggle.

She jumped from the 17th storey of a high rise office block and subsequently died from her injuries, despite having been receiving care from a nearby mental health clinic. Another thing that has been suggested as a reason behind her suicide is being faced with a dead body in 2003 while she was out walking her dog.

Walton and his 'Shield' co-stars were all thought to be present at her funeral.