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Walton Goggins Interview

What people say about this video:

bebo3ful: Walton goggins is an insanely brilliant actor.?

rudigero: The stereotype this man faced was not solely based on his southern accent, but also on having Walton Goggins as name?

Calvin Maynard: Whoa -- his non-Southern accent is freaking me out here.??

Dana Hess: When this guy is on screen, you can't help but watch?

vegasdogg111: How amazing of an actor is this guy? Boyd Crowder is by far my favorite character on TV right now?

willuknowmyname: I love Southern accents, and I don't think he should've tried to hide his. I've felt self-conscious going into the south with my Yankee accent, it is what it is. Anyone who judges someone as less intelligent because of the way they talk as a product of their environment needs to get out of their simple-minded box.??

Drayton Magill: I was so overwhelmed by his acting talent that I never really thought about how fucking awesome his name was.?

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