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Video message / Walton Goggins on Tig and Venus

What people say about this video:

STILLDecibel: What a great actor i m so impressed w/ his role of Venus xxx Thank you for your wonderful job on SOA Walton Goggins, you are an inspiration in the acting world XD?

Scrub Doge: People just don't aprreciate great acting. They think because he played this role it makes him disgusting? Idiots.
I love that Sutter who was one of the writers for The Shield. Used Shane's alias Cletus Van Dam on SOA as Venus Van Dam. That's great?

LightBumble: I love Walton Goggins. What a great actor

Armando Loaeza: Walton Goggins deserves more recognition than he has with the roles he's played. The Shield, Sons of Anarchy, Justified, and many others.?

JeevesReturns: I just searched this site as I watching this specific scene right now. This character's dialogue is brilliant. It floats in the same realm where the words of Samuel Clemens and Tennessee Williams put theirs aloft. Brilliant writing and an amazing actor that not only pulled it off, but became the role in those moments.?

Nomind Nuss: Damn Venus was sexy as hell!
This is a sad moment now?

blkgryphon: The relationship between Tig and Venus, and Walton Goggins' portrayal of Venus was probably my favorite part of SOA, which is saying something, as there was so much to like about that show. Goggins and the superb writers managed to make Venus both funny and deeply moving, which was absolutely masterful and a wonder to watch. That character could so easily have been just a cliche and a joke -- she wasn't. I always find Goggins a scene stealer -- he is so charismatic and interesting -- but his work as Venus was simply outstanding in every way.?

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