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Timothy Oliphant and Walton Goggins Part.12

What people say about this video:

Draven: As great of an actor Timothy is.
In my opinion, Walton stole the show in Justified just like Ian McShane did in Deadwood.?

azurebluemach: Love the show. The conversations between these two were always entertaining. Waiting for Amazon to make the last season free lol.?

kleec0203: Tim is very captivating on screen but on here he looks like an attractive guy who could be carpenter or a worker in some type of manufacturing company. Walton here looks just the same as on screen

Carla B.: Goggins is an amazing actor! Boyd Crowder's character is fascinating

fuckyou7037: Man, I'm a guy and I'm straight, but both of them are really handsome and both so likable.?

madmaxmel: Thanks! Some of my favourite actors :)?

Amy Estep-Lake: i miss Boyd, hello Raylan the banter back and forth between these two was perfect!?

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