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Tim and Walt Compete to Be Your Date to the Justified Series Finale

What people say about this video:

Aly Dematti: Timothy and Walton are so gorgeous and funny! Already miss Justified :(?

BECKETT1994: What a damn cool video! Loved this show and its characters, they definitely picked the best actors for their roles

Rafea Bajwa: After watching his interviews i can say there is some truth to timothy olyphant being a 'yapper' thing :D?

OaktownGirl: Oh man I wish I'd known about this! Oh well, still a fun video to watch

John Do: My favorite show of all time! The most satisfying ending I've ever seen in a series. All the characters were born to play their roles

jomac841: Hehe tough choice but edge to Walt :) I already have a man named Tim ;) ?

Pamela Clare: God, I miss this show

Isla ducky: they are so cute

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