Hateful Eight
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Walton Goggins Clogged At B.B. King Concerts - CONAN on TBS

What people say about this video:

AxelL No1: He is such a good actor, he could made the whole thing up and sell it perfectly.

Art Mehmeti: The Cloggin Bloggin Goggins! That's almost as funny as The Bob Loblaw Law Blog

danny D: This guy would make a good carnage

Kiei Luahi: really miss Justified. I knew Goggins from the amazing The Shield but Boyd was something else. His The Shield character was pretty great too but Boyd is iconic.

Daniel Villalobos: All the actors who play shitbags and weirdos are the most charming and charismatic.

Hearsticles: Vice Principals was the best show of 2017, in my opinion. I love this guy. He's great in literally everything

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