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Justified - Season 2 OuttakesBloopers

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masteraj57: Be mighty interested in anything he's got to say. Hahaha. HAHAHA. AHHA-"?

ChloeOfTheCookies: Hey guys, can I have a hardcore Justified fans help here? Cos I must be going crazy.
Does anyone remember Art and Raylan in Art's office, and Art says to Raylan, "You have a homoerotic fixation with Boyd Crowder"? - I know, it's an odd line to stick out, but the person I was watching it with heard it too and we've watched the entire series again, read through the online scripts and everything, and it's become a matter or irritating principal. XD
If anyone could help me out, that'd be grand. :)
Oh, you might see this same comment posted around on other Justified videos. I apologize in advance. :)?

Leena Masha: I love Raylans laugh <3

BisonAP: I love outtakes/bloopers, they are so much fun to watch and the spontaneity is priceless. "Justified" is the best drama series on TV, hands down. This show for me, conjures up images of a number of programs I enjoyed from days gone by, the writing, characterizations and storylines are simply top notch. Looking forward to Season 5 big time!!!?

Baybygirl123: Well why didn't they send one this time?" " Because they sent this son of a bitch." at thd same time?

minaminokyoko: Word to your mother." I. FUCKING. LOST IT. xD?

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