Hateful Eight
best scenes


Goggins on Goggins

What people say about this video:

TheJustinCinema: How is that room not fucking packed! This man is one of the finest actors to have ever graced the screen.?

MichaelChiklisCares: Walton is great actor and human being

Jack Smith: Justified Excellent ending
Final scene: Raylan and Boyd are conversing through prison glass
Raylan does Boyd a favor by saying that Ava had died in an auto accident
They do have an affection for each other: Boyd, "we dug coal together." Raylan, "That's right."
Unforgettable ending to an an excellent series

anyonecangetit: Does he say 'mate'? Can't quite make it out it always sounds odd when an American says it ha?

Dillon August: This guys the best

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