Hateful Eight
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Walton Goggins dishes 'The Hateful Eight' and playing Sheriff Chris Mannix

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Kris Ross: He fucking killed it with his performance in this movie. The way he delivered his lines was absolutely hilarious, he was creating laughs where there were no punchlines. He was a standout amid a standout cast. I love Kurt Russell and he was amazing as well, I really can't point out an actor who was mediocre in this film, they were all great. Goggins hooked me with this performance, I knew of his work before and thought he was a good actor but now I'm a legitimate fan and am hoping this role gives him some more opportunities to play great characters. An actor is only as good as the material they perform and this guy deserves good material. No one knew how great Christoph Waltz could be until he got a crack at some great writing. To my knowledge he was a working German actor doing soap operas and the like but once he got an opportunity to mold a memorable character he took it by the balls and crushed it out of the park. I'm hoping the same happens with Goggins and he gets a nomination for best supporting actor. I think Russell, Leigh, and Jackson also deserve a nomination for their performances, the other actors were superb as well and could also qualify for that distinction. I don't know if there is an award for best ensemble cast but if there is this cast deserves not only the nomination but the win itself. Best screenplay should also nominate Tarantino for the excellent script.?

Aubrey Pressley: When I first saw Chris Mannix I didn't like him. The acting was brilliant he made me laugh but he was a racist that bugged me by the end of this movie he was my favorite character. only Tarantino could do that

Craig Hicks: Such a beautiful guy. And what an actor. Shane Vendrell still keeps me up at night.?

ARGENT 191: Probably the best character arc I've seen in 2015 besides Warboy Nux from Mad Max Fury Road. Chris Mannix started as this racist annoying moron into probably the best character besides Sam Jackson's Major Warren

Cornelius Maximilianus: I hope he gets nominated for academy awards. Absolutely masterpiece of performance?

Rayvis79: Walton stole the movie! He was robbed of an Oscar nomination!?

Atom Man: I don't know why I was put off by Justified because i'd see him in the trailers.. didn't notice him in Django, but boy oh boy did he deliver in The Hateful Eight.. he was simply the best... watched Django again and he did a great job.. I can't believe I didn't notice it.. I'm gonna watch Justified because of him

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