Hateful Eight
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The difference between Tarantino & Spielberg

What people say about this video:

3rd Gunman: He's stubborn...He's Same as he ever was...He's Django Unchanged

Owen Walker: Django Unchanged. What a master peach. Larry Knight has great taste in film.?

Khaled alkaawani: Walton is a great actor .. We don't see him a lot, don't know why. But hoping to see him in more works TV or cinema.

Carnola Sluggs: Walton's way of reciting QT dialogue is particularly musical, his performance in Hateful Eight is easily among my favorites of any of the director's work. Sam Jackson's of course the king of delivering QT dialogue but for Hateful alone I'd rank Walton close behind. They both have specifically melodic way of speaking his written words.?

Narelle Wooding: And i KNOW... who I got my money on! That's right joe gauge I'm lookin at you

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