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DJANGO UNCHAINED - Billy Crash HD - In Singapore 21 March

What people say about this video:

Rocky: He played his character extremely well

ElectricDreams: Walton Goggins is my favorite actor the last few years.?

Tim Meijer: I absolutely love the American names of the 19th century, and Billy Crash is a prime example. He's also by far my favorite minor character?

Jacki T: Shane Vendrell and Boyd Crowder

MAnnaconduit1: I saw Walton Goggins first as the guy who takes over Owen Wilson's gang from Shanghai Noon, and wow he has come far since then?

Thatfilmgeekguy: He was so fantastic in this movie. QT always writes the most colourful bastards. No matter how small their roles are in the story, they always make an impression.?

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